Why have a wall TV unless it takes up the entire wall? That seems to be the question LG is presenting with its newest LED TVs.

The electronics behemoth has just unveiled its new lineup of Direct View LED (DVLED) Extreme Home Cinema sets, the largest of which measures a mind-blowing 325 inches diagonally. Previously only available to commercial clients, the gagantuan TV is now available to the rest of us—even if you’ll have to part with a small fortune to get your hands on it

LG’s DVLED isn’t the first wall-sized TV we’ve seen—that would be the Samsung Wall—but it does make use of the brand’s unique LED-as-pixel display technology. Most LED TVs actually use an LCD layer to create pixels, but LG’s new TVs use the LED diodes alone (three for each pixel) to do this. The result is a picture that promises to offer more vibrant colors and truer contrast, all without the risk of burn-in that comes with your average flat screen. Additionally, the panel can be used to display one complete image, or several at once in customized shapes.

 LG has created one display solution pre-configured with all the components needed for full operation* that includes options for both indoor and outdoor operation with fixed resolutions ranging from Full HD up to 8K Ultra HD. The Ultimate Business Display comes in 25 size configurations from 81 inches to as large as 589 inches (49 feet) and aspect ratios in both 16:9 and 32:9 ultra stretch formats.
When creating this display, LG took virtually every business use case into consideration. Each fully pre-configured display includes all necessary components and an LG intelligent controller to make system integration a breeze. The entire system ships in custom-designed, wheeled ATA flight cases so that everything arrives securely with no need for forklifts or pallet jacks to bring the display inside.
The LG Direct View LED Extreme Home Cinema Display
The LG indoor fine-pitch direct view LED (DVLED) home cinema display allows viewers to immerse themselves in the captivating brilliance, vibrant color, wide contrast ratio, and breathtaking screen sizes in your own home theater.
Available in various sizes and performance levels, LG’s home cinema displays take the guess work out of configuring which DVLED screen is right for you. From 2K to 8K configurations with screen sizes from 108” to a show stopping 325”, these solutions come with virtually everything you need, except the popcorn.
Not all 2K Displays are Created Equal
LG’s direct view fine-pitch LED delivers 2K with breathtaking realism. With a total of four size configurations to choose, there is a 2K option that will suit your needs. Rest assured that no matter which one you select, your audience will be captivated by the brilliance, high contrast ratio, and broad color spectrum of an LG LED display.
Stretch the possibilities
LG offers Dual2K Ultra Stretch formats that provide a seamless, double-wide viewing experience, taking your screen size up to 196”.
4K Displays that Challenge Convention
LG's 4K fine-pitch DVLED home cinema display brings home the
WOW factor with four different size and format choices.
LG has put together four unique 4K home cinema display configurations
that were created for those that simply want more of a good thing.
8K Magnificence on a Massive 325” Screen
For a viewing experience like no other, LG’s 8K DVLED home cinema display truly puts “the theater” in home theater.
If you have to ask about the price of the LG DVLED TV range, then you probably can’t afford it. Similar to Samsung’s The Wall TV range, the pricing of the LG DVLED TVs as there are variations in size and installation scenario. LG has started taking pre-orders for the DVLED range. All the display models in the new LG TV series have a warranty of five years. 
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