Xiaomi is finally unleashing its gaming monitors outside of China. It starts with the Mi 2K Gaming Monitor with a starting price of €500, which seems quite competitive for the feature set in the 27-inch segment. Xiaomi is now introducing a new monitor in this series, and there's a lot to like. The Mi 2K Gaming Monitor 27 is a QHD monitor with a 165Hz refresh rate panel, minimal bezels, and a rotating stand that makes it easy to swivel.

The new Xiaomi 27-inch Gaming Monitor comes with an IPS display panel that offers 2560 x 1440 pixels screen resolution and has support for 165Hz ultra-high refresh rate. It also comes with 1ms IMBC fast response, 95% DCI-P3 color gamut, DisplayHDR 400 high dynamic display enhancement.It also comes with Adaptive-Sync synchronization Technology along with support for TUV low blue light. You can place the device over a table or hang it on the wall, thanks to the stand and rotating bracket that comes in the bundle. On the back, the cover is magnetic, which makes it quite easy to disassemble it.

QHD 2K ultra-clear display Ultra-clear gaming display

 The combination of the 2560×1440 resolution and the 27" big screen make your opponent's every move clearer. The ultra-clear and refined images keep you ready for enemy attacks at any time.

Immersive IPS display

The IPS hard screen has an ultra-wide viewing angle of 178°, with vivid and realistic view at every angle. The immersive display comes with an ingenious thin bezel design on three sides, getting rid of the borders and enabling seamless combined use of multiple displays for an immersive experience.

165Hz ultra-high refresh rate Faster and smoother

A worker must first sharpen his tools if he is to do his work well.Likewise, a strong game player needs a smooth display. The 165Hz ultra-high refresh rate omits juddering and allows you to aim at your enemies with greater precision.

1ms IMBC fast response

 The outcome of a battle is often decided in the blink of an eye.The Mi 2K Gaming Monitor 27" has a fast response time of 1ms IMBC, allowing you to always stay one step ahead.

Comfortable for the eyes

The low blue light mode can filter out the short-wave blue light that is detrimental to the eyes,reducing eye strain and allowing you to work comfortably


Plenty of ports

For various usage scenarios The Mi 2K Gaming Monitor 27" supports DP, HDMI, headphone jack and USB 3.0 ports. All devices can be easily connected to the monitor to save time. You can also charge your phone while you work with this convenient and efficient monitor.

Free adjustment Find the perfect viewing angle

 The Mi 2K Gaming Monitor 27" comes with a rotating stand with adjustable height that supports wall mounting. You can always find an angle that suits you.

Hidden heat dissipation Monolithic back

The Mi 2K Gaming Monitor 27" uses a hidden heat dissipation design where the dissipation module is hidden behind the monitor stand, providing a seamless look.

Magnetic back cover Easy to disassemble and install

The simple and easy-to-use magnetic back cover fits easily into the clip on the monitor stand. All you need is to snap it in place when installing and to press a button when disassembling.

Refined coating Premium quality inside and out

Every detail of the Mi 2K Gaming Monitor 27" has been carefully considered. The refined coating and well-crafted screws ensure high quality inside and out

The launch is in line with the previous leak which revealed that the company has three new monitors lined up for this year. After launching this 27-inch monitor, the company will now announce a 24.5-inch gaming monitor in September and another 4K monitor in November this year. There are rumors which claim that the company could launch a few models under its Redmi brand. Xiaomi forayed into the Gaming Monitors category last year in October with the launch of two products — a massive 34-inch monitor and another with a 23.8-inch display. However, this new 27-inch monitor is the most expensive from the company, given that it is the most advanced yet from Xiaomi when looked at the technical specifications.

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