Apple Smart Glasses

The new Apple glasses; everything you need to know

Since 1976 Apple has become an innovator of technology. Every product they have released throughout the years has been packed with the most groundbreaking tech on the market.

Now their latest product that will take another massive leap into the future is the Apple glasses.

A deep dive into the current information known about this life changing device with the reliable leaks giving us an exciting glimpse into the futuristic first generation of wearable computers.

When will they launch?

It was expected that the lenses would launch in 2020.
It is getting delayed due to the covid-19 pandemic as we approach the new year and they stopped the announcement of launch happening in last year.
OfCourse, this could be a marketing strategy to ensure the economy is in a better place before realizing them, thus maximizing their profits.

How will they work?

The Apple AR glasses are designed to synchronize with your iPhone so that all the things like social media, games & emails can be seen in the field of vision, displayed in an attractive way that will not block your view of the real world. The glasses are said to be controlled with gestures.

The wearer will not need to get a traditional prescription for their glasses as one patent has been issued to Apple is a technology that will allow the Apple glass to adjust to a person’s eyesight.

Apple has used a satellite similar to google earth capable of displaying information on both lenses. What adds further fuel to the fire is a patent also describes how the device could recognize blinking, smiling, or raising the eyebrows by tracking the movement of the attached light sensors. This is just the first-generation model so future ones could come up with a solution. And like the first generation of any product, it may not have longest battery life. A major selling point would be if it could last a whole waking day, just like the apple watch. It will most certainly be charged wirelessly, as all of apple’s products move towards a port free world.

The possibilities are endless.

Although a lot of details have come out regarding the apple’s next big device, its specs still remain a secret.


When a product is on its horizon people wants to know how much it is going to cost.

Well because Apple is yet to announce their glasses officially, we can only go by a leak given by Prosser who says that they will start at a price of $499.

It's clear that apple is taking the development of apple glasses extremely seriously and their release will be as effective as possible.
Just like the invention of smartphones apple glasses could change the way we live our lives. We all are so eager to see the finished product.
What would you like to see with the new apple glasses?

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