Apple Watch Series 7 will launch soon with a design change

Apple has introduced a smart watch every we are confident an Apple Watch series 7 is a pipeline. The Apple Watch 7 release is coming closer and despite the limited leaks concerning the upcoming smart watch we have a pretty good idea of what to expect.

Until today, it was widely expected that the Apple Watch Series 7 would make its debut at the same time as the iPhone 13 lineup. Now, as Apple’s long-rumored September event approaches, it appears that the Series 7 might be delayed due to production issues.


Interesting rumors about the features claims that the Apple Watch Series 7 may boast a new design. Specifically, the next-gen Apple Watch may feature smaller bezels, new color options, and a less-rounded form factor. With smaller bezels, the overall screen real estate on the Apple Watch will be slightly larger.The new design may be slightly thicker than previous iterations, but the lack of rounded corners results in a much sleeker look.


The rumour that the Apple Watch Series 7 will have much-improved battery life. Apple will reportedly be able to include a slightly bigger battery due to a smaller S7 chip thanks to a new double-sided System in Package. Though battery life on current Apple Watch models is pretty great — around 18 hours — we definitely wouldn’t complain about less frequent charging.


Health and fitness are the twin prongs of Apple's strategy for the Apple Watch - and the firm has been steadily adding related features with each generation of the product. We hope Apple series 7 will have obtained FDA approval, or changed its strategy in some other way that means we can place greater reliance on the accuracy of blood oxygen measurements. Apple is also believed to be planning to add blood sugar monitoring to the Apple Watch 7. 

Apple revealed sleep tracking as part of watchOS 7, meaning it is available on older Apple Watches too, but it isn't as detailed as some other devices on the market.Apple will include a Touch ID fingerprint scanner in the Series 7. This could be either under the display itself.There's been talk for a while now about Apple replacing the OLED displays on the Apple Watch with either mini-LED or micro-LED panels.Apple announced watchOS 8 at WWDC, which has several new features, including digital keys, a new Mindfulness app, and a Portraits face. All of these features will be available on the Apple Watch Series 7 as well as any new features that are specific to the new device.


Another out-there rumour predicts that Apple is working on a new version of its wearable to be called the Apple Watch Sport.In itself that isn't too hard to believe - there was a Sport version of the original model, which just referred to it coming with a sporty strap - but we're also hearing that this will be a completely new design focusing on shock resistance and all-round robustness. It would be covered with rubber-like material and be somewhat reminiscent of Casio's G-Shock Watches.


One of the details that people are looking forward to the most is the release date for the upcoming device. Apple is notorious for not revealing any information about their devices until the very last day, so getting an official release date for the Apple Watch Series 7 doesn't seem like a possibility.

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