Asus Expert Book are the best take anywhere laptops with high accuracy and airiness ,it is engineered to deliver next gen power and military grade firmness. Asus has introduced a new version of ASUS Expert Book series as ASUS ExpertBook B5 OLED, it is crafted with minimalistic chassis and long battery life. It is engineered with leading edge technology to improve the efficiency of the work. the OLED panel provides high clarity visuals.It is powered with 11th Gen Intel core Processor and includes the features like AI noise cancellation and dual SSD RAID support, ASUS number pad etc.It provides high security for your business data by including a fingerprint sensor and TPM 2.0 chip. Expert Book B5 OLED is a perfect mobile and prominent workmate for the corporate world.


Expert book B5 OLED is crafted fabricated with pure aluminium on the top and bottom while the area around the keyboard is coated with magnesium aluminium alloy.It weighs 1.2kg light and 16.9mm thin. Expert Book B5 OLED is powered by 11th Gen Intel core i7 processor with Iris X Graphics and superfast Intel Wi-Fi 6.It provide quick and responsive computing, network and graphical performance. It also features two SSDs up to 1TB capacity and faster speed.


Redundant Array Of Independent Disk this is a storage technology that allows multiple drives to act as one. RAID 0 AND RAID 1 is supported by Expert Book B5 OLED for higher performance and improved data security. The data is evenly stores across the drives and it automatically creates the copy of the data stored even if one fails it’s easy to access the other.


Expert Book B5 OLED provides full HD OLED HDR display with brilliant colour and realistic visuals for sharing contents or presentation .The images are clearer at lower brightness level in OLED technology. This bezel slim display is superb all round for work and play. Fast charging technology allows you to charge upto 60% within 39 minutes. It provides all day battery on a single charge,66Wh and li polymer battery and upto 12 hour battery life. Two way noise cancelling helps to eliminate the noise including upstreaming and down streaming.AI noise cancelling technology that employs sophisticated machine learning and techniques.


The 3D noise reducing technology helps to eliminate the random noises upto 23% that affects any camera ,it improves the image quality without compromising exposure or detail levels.


Expert Book B5 OLED is built to overcome every extreme conditions as freezing temperature, desert storm and high speed shocks .It is built with ultra-demanding MIL-STD 810H US military standard.It has undergone port durability test, drop test, hinge test, keyboard spill resistant test.


Expert Book B5 is loaded with I/O ports. These includes cutting edge next generation Thunderbolt 4,USB 4 interface,40gbps data transfer speed,4k display output and fast charging.It also supports USB type A and HDMI with unique mac address for easy device management.


Fingerprint reading power button: It has a built in biometric security integrated with power button.

Webcam privacy shield: Expert Book B5 OLED ensure instant privacy when not in use

TPM 2.0:A dtpm chip securely stores passwords, encrypted data to protect the data and transactions. Thus eliminate the risk of leaking through hacking.

It provide an ultimate input experience for users such as number pad 2.0,backlit keyboard user, status indicator, ergo lift hinge and function key shortcuts.

Numberpad2.0 is an led illuminated numeric keypad. By tapping on the number pad 2.0 icon makes the touchpad on. Clever software lets you control the cursor when touchpad is on.

Backlit keyboard It lets you to type in dark environment.

User status indicator a small bright led on top cover Expert Book B5 OLED offers an indication to your status. It automatically turns on when you’re busy in a conference call.

Ergolift hinge it makes the typing experience more comfortable and accurate. Function key shortcuts you can capture screen grabs, activates the webcam, mute the microphone etc.


The ASUS ExpertBook B5 OLED  is one of the slimmest and lightest laptops in the world.It still include tried and tested build quality.So its ideal if you want a slim laptop for life on the road. ASUS ExpertBook B5 OLED is packed with business features and it has a decent screen, comfortable keyboard and impressive battery life. Add in the number pad integration on the touchpad and it looks futuristic too.If you need a practical lightweight and features packed for everyday workloads the Expert Book B5 OLED is splendid. Asus Expert Book B5 OLED adds style to drab the business meetings.

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