Awesome Cameras Everywhere - ISOCELL JN1

The industry’s first mass produced 50MP image sensor with 0.64μm pixels. Up until now, the high ultra-resolution was exclusive to flagships and high-end smartphones. However, this new breakthrough in micro-sized pixel technology will allow more people to experience awesome details. And now, here is ISOCELL JN1, the image sensor built for awesome cameras everywhere.

Key details

To meet the demand for small sized image sensor with high resolution, ISOCELL JN1 was designed early on with 0.64μm pixels.JN1 is arguably the smallest with 50 mega pixels available today.JN1 is fully compatible with 1/2.8 inch in size and can fully utilize its camera related components such as lens and module. This allows the device manufacturers to upgrade camera resolution on their device to 50 megapixels with ease.JN1 does not just make the resolution better but it makes slimmer design possible. Due to its small size JN1’s camera module height can be reduced by 10 percent. Being compatible with 1/2.8 inch also makes JN1 a perfect choice for front-facing and all types of rear cameras including wide, ultra-wide and telephoto. With JN1, even the sub-cameras can now offer high resolution delivering significant improvement such as 4K video at 60 frame per second and high zoom ratio without compromising the module height. With such high versatility. ISOCELL JN1 allows the manufacturers to save engineering and sourcing resources.

Awesome light

For brighter and more vivid results JN1 features tetra pixel technology.

Awesome colors

ISOCELL JN1 comes with Smart-ISO. It intelligently selects between high and low ISO levels. Smart-ISO also comes in handy when in a mixed light environment. It simultaneously produces two different readouts, one with low and another one with high ISO.

Awesome focus

ISOCELL JN1 is equipped with upgraded double super PD Technology.
ISOCELL JN1 is currently in mass production and new smart phones powered by JN1 may become available in the market in the second half of this year.

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