JBL Party Box 110 is the latest portable Bluetooth party speaker from JBL. Boosting 160 watts of power and 12 hour playback, the Party Box 110 is more ready to start a party at any time.It also includes two woofers and two tweeters and a dynamic lighting show. You can even show off you talents by microphone and guitar input let very night be a karaoke night. JBL PARTYBOX 110 is a wireless speaker that connect your smart devices via Bluetooth.It measures 22.4” in height and 11.42” in depth and it weighs 23lbs.As a Bluetooth speaker Party Box 110 looks larger as compared to other speakers .But it is comfortable to hold this 23 lbs and it feels heavy when you hold it for a long time.


 On the top you can see the power button, Bluetooth pairing, volume control and the bass boost. It provide a space to place the phone while on the party. The back panel features a USB port ,it can also be used to charge the external devices like smartphones and tablets.Also in back there are aux in and output and microphone/guitar inputs with gain/volume controls.

Music are always better with energetic light shows. Colours are synced with the beat that keeps you moving. The customizable strobes and pattern shimmers your eyes. Even you are at home or outdoors ,the JBL Party Box 110 makes amazing music with two level of deep, adjustable bass and powerful JBL  Original Pro Sound.

JBL says it has a 12 hour battery life this makes this large speaker more impressive.It can be placed anywhere vertically or horizontally, in either position the rubber feet prevent it from moving around. Even when the bass boost is maximum, there is no vibration.

JBL Party Box 110 features two 2.25 inch woofers and 5.25 inch tweeters to produce a sound of 160watts. This speaker provides loud and sound good without any audio compression. The bass boost feature makes it particularly appealing for bass heavy party music.

You can easily carry JBL Party Box 110 at the beach or the pool, it is IPX4 splash proof, so no need to worry about the water presence on the body, it is highly water resistant. The mic and guitar inputs helps to show off your talent as you sing and play.

JBL Party Box 110 has a JBL Party Box app to makes the easier control of music, update settings, customizing the colour and pattern to give you a perfect vibe. It provide multisource playback, it can be connected wirelessly via Bluetooth or connect with a USB stick or plugin with an AUX cable.

Using Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity it is compatible with another JBL speaker. This produce wireless stereo sound for any party. Pairing two speakers can be done with a cable or wirelessly by true wireless stereo (TWS) technology.


Soon enough, there will be a lot of parties happening nowadays and Party Box 110 is a perfect fit. It add lives to the party. It’s an incredible loudspeaker with a neutral sound profile.  With Bass Boost, it provides a ton of low-end for party-centric music. With long battery life, it has plenty of juice to keep the party going late into the night. With dynamic lighting it helps to set the party atmosphere mood turning any outdoor space into an outdoor club. Being able to connect a microphone to the Party Box 110 gives it a lot of versatility as a portable PA system. Basically anytime people need to make a public address, the portable Party Box 110 is loud enough to address large outdoor crowds. They really designed this speaker for all the party planners out there. The lights, portability, connectivity options make it work in a variety of situations. If you’re looking to host a lot of social gatherings and need a versatile, wireless system with ample battery power and sound, the JBL Party Box 110 is worth checking out.

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