Sony Bravia 4K Professional Displays

Bravia professional displays, new model for 2021 BZ40J 100” and BZ30J 32”.
Sony’s professional displays offers high brightness, high contrast and high color reproduction for commercial application.

Bravia 4K professional displays.

BZ40J&BZ30J offer a full range of sizes. The new 100” and 32” expand the lineup even further and provide more options to suit virtually any installation environment.BZ40J series are equipped with Sony's latest technology, the new cognitive processor XR, that provide an incredibly immersive experience with advanced image correction for clarity, color contrast and motion.

The BZ30J series incorporates Sony's 4K HDR processor X1 with object-based remastering for high quality pictures with incredible color contrast and quality. The image enhancement and color reproduction features of the cognition processor XR and 4K HDR processor X1 makes these professional displays ideal for commercial application where it is essential to captivate and clearly communicate with viewers.

BRAVIA professional displays also incorporate powerful commercial features such as pro mode, IP control and mirroring functions with high picture quality, broad range of model sizes and professional features, these displays are ideal for virtually any environment.

BRAVIA professional display is suitable for places of education too. In public venue it can share impactful digital signature for clear messaging, wayfinding or alerts.


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