HP has managed to make a name for itself by crafting attractive, unique laptops. The Elite Folio is a lightweight, leather-covered, convertible Windows laptop powered by a Snapdragon processor with Arm architecture. It’s a neat-looking, futuristic system that’s meant to be used on the go, rather than for intensive tasks.HP Elite Folio is a significant step forward for always-connected ARM-powered laptops. With an excellent display, keyboard, and superior 2-in-1 design, the Elite Folio is perfect for those who need light computing and an all-day battery. Just be wary of the high price.



The hardware comes in vegan leather, a new take on the leather Spectre Folio. HP made some other tweaks too, such as having a metal keyboard deck and a pen garage built into the keyboard. Most importantly, the keyboard is phenomenal.he HP Elite Folio has a 13.5-inch 3:2 display with a 1,920×1,280 resolution. The 3:2 aspect ratio was popularized by Microsoft Surface, but it’s becoming more popular.As for the portability of the Folio it should be heavy due to the screen size by don't worry though as it certainly won't strain your arms as at just ¾ inch thin and 1.50kg it is highly mobile to say the least. This allows you it to feel comfortable when using it, whilst travelling for business or to and from the office each day.

The Elite Folio comes with a stylus for use with its 13.5-inch touch screen, and can be configured with 5G support..8GB of RAM, 256GB of SSD storage and no 5G, it's on the expensive side, but the premium build quality and novel form factor are big attractions.

The Folio’s audio makes it a decent videoconferencing machine. The four-speaker array, including upward-firing grills on either side of the keyboard, delivers clear, excellent sound with strong vocals and even audible bass — a rarity on laptops of this size.


Elite Folio is running Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8cx Gen 2, an Arm chip that’s common to see in lightweight Windows convertibles (including some versions of Samsung Galaxy Book S. The low-power Snapdragon chip allows the Folio to run completely without a fan.It supports 5G and 4G LTE (one of the main benefits of an Arm machine), with an X55 modem. Wi-Fi 6 is on board as well.


Something else HP offers that companies like Microsoft and Lenovo don’t (and Samsung has done away with on its latest laptops) is a slot for the included stylus. That, and the Elite Folio’s pull-forward screen make it easier to do things like draw sketches or take notes. You can do so with the display propped up in front of the keyboard or push it down so it lays flat like a tablet.


One of the main things Snapdragon laptops have going for them is their incredible battery life and speedy cellular connections. HP promises up to 20 hours of video playback on a charge.HP’s Elite Folio includes a 720p webcam, mounted at the top of the PC’s display bezel.The Elite Folio offers a bit more in the sliding webcam shutter. Run your finger or thumb over a rough ridge of plastic at the top of the screen to opens and close the shutter manually. 


Port selection is sparse—two USB-C (not Thunderbolt) connections, one on either side of the chassis. Connecting to a Thunderbolt dock enabled work on a single external 4K display, which satisfied our productivity needs. 

The Elite Folio's other standout feature is its unconventional pull-forward screen. There are three usage modes: conventional laptop; tablet with the screen flat on top of the keyboard, facing outwards; and screen-forward. 

 There’s a lot to like about the Elite Folio — its unique design, handy stylus, good battery life and cellular connectivity are great.with optional 5G connectivity offered through the use of the Qualcomm Arm chip. Arguably, the killer use case of 5G for businesses is not the speed, but rather the security from not having to rely on public Wi-Fi.HP's Elite Folio is a quirky 2-in-1 with considerable appeal, headed up by its superb battery life. The vegan-leather folio-style cladding might prove a little fragile on your travels, but a protective sleeve should fix that. Windows on ARM might be a problem for some potential buyers, however, due app compatibility issues. Do check this out thoroughly if you are enticed by this premium 2-in-1, and also bear in mind that adding mobile broadband will bump up the outlay. 



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