HP launches creator centric ENVY 14 laptops

HP announced the new Envy portfolio comprising ENVY 14 and ENVY 15 notebooks. The 14 and 15-inch laptops come with 11th Gen Intel chipsets and NVIDIA graphic cards. The HP ENVY Portfolio is expected to be upgradeable to Windows 11 later this year. The HP Envy 14 is a purposefully designed laptop that caters to someone who's into graphic design, editing photos and videos. It offers many configuration options, including the choice of Core i5-1135G7 or i7-1165G7 processors with 8 or 16GB of RAM. You can also order an entry-level version for $1,000 with no NVIDIA GPU (Iris Xe graphics instead) or order a non-touch anti-glare display instead of the touch-enabled glossy model.


Featuring a unibody silver metal chassis with clean lines, the Envy 14 is a lot different from HP’s ‘Spectre’ lineup of notebooks. Envy 14 has been designed, without compromising on the build quality and aesthetics. Although not an ultra-thin notebook, It can easily toss this device into a bag without concern. The notebook weighs 1.49 kg, and considering the Envy 14 is a high-performance machine, it’s quite slim and light.

HP is particularly good with offsetting ports on each side aiming for some symmetry, and you see that here with the headphone jack and proprietary barrel charger on opposite ends. The entire laptop is like this, with the keyboard, trackpad, speakers, and display (plus bezels) all looking very balanced.


For those ports, there is only one Type-C with full Thunderbolt 4, but you do get two Type-A, a full HDMI, and a microSD card reader, making this a very media-centric laptop ideal for photographers and videographers alike. A nicely sized 135-watt charger handles laptop power to keep that NVIDIA GTX 1650 Ti GPU humming, although you can charge via the Type-C port if in a pinch. Connectivity is ideal with both Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0. There is no option for 4G or 5G LTE, which makes sense, but it would be an excellent option.


You won’t find a 4K resolution here, but the 14-inch WUXGA (1920 x 1200p), IPS, anti-glare display feels spacious and bright. Productivity users will also appreciate the laptop’s 16:10 display compared to the more media-focused 16:9 aspect ratio. Thanks to HP Display Control, users can choose calibrated presets when they are doing creative work, like editing a video or photo. Brightness peaks around 400-nits, which is acceptable for indoor and outdoor use. The display also covers 100% of the sRGB color gamut, which means colours have incredible punch. Above the display is a 720p webcam, which is surprisingly good. The clever part is the HP Enhanced Lighting feature which uses the display as a ring light to artificially brighten your face during video calls.


Audio is handled via dual speakers that are on the bottom edges. The included Bang & Olufsen software lets you tweak settings via the full equalizer and various presets. They are pretty good speakers, too, with excellent volume and crispness to them for this price range.


Typing on the keyboard feels great. The keyboard is crisp and bouncy. The key travel and separation are perfect. Silver keys usually do not offer as much contrast as black keys, The two-stage backlight is also bright and looks stunning in low light.


The ENVY 14 also features more modern features that HP has implemented across its consumer line, including dedicated buttons to apply a physical shutter to the webcam and muting the microphone, which is ideal for privacy concerns. There is a fingerprint reader in the keyboard deck for logging into Windows .There is also a dedicated button for HP Command Center. The precision trackpad is responsive, although large but not big enough.


When configured with a Core i5 processor, the HP ENVY 14 still blows most laptops in this category, thanks to the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Ti (Max-Q) graphics card. Of course, you can opt for an even zippier Core i7 if you need the CPU. But if you are doing video and photo editing, GPU makes all the difference.

While not a gaming laptop, thanks to the GTX 1650 Ti, you can play something like Fortnite at 45+ frames-per-second on Ultra settings.Thermals punch higher on this laptop.With dual intakes for the dual fans on the laptop's bottom and top. HP includes a thermopile sensor for more precise control over the fans. When in heavy use with the CPU and GPU, the fans are very audible but do not have a high-pitch whine. Cooling is extremely fast, too, once a task is complete with the fans winding down to a light purr. HP includes various power profiles via the HP Command Center for quiet, cool, balanced, and performance modes.


Battery life is much better than anticipated thanks to the decently sized 63.3 WHr battery, although user experience depends on how bright the display is kept and if the power-hungry NVIDIA GPU is in use.The ENVY 14 ranged from 7.5 hours up to 13 hours, which is quite impressive and effectively "all day" for most people.

For so-called creators who want a GPU-heavy and light, portable laptop, the ENVY 14 is an outstanding offering. Even for just day-to-day web browsing, messaging, and occasional gaming, this laptop can do more than something like the Razer Book 13, all for a reasonable price. Because of that, it is easy to recommend for the right person.

The fact that HP managed to pack a lot of premium features in a more compact 14-inch chassis is impressive. However, it is still an entry-level “pro” notebook and the competition in this space is getting stiff

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