PANACAST 50 is the intelligent video bar enhanced by Intel edge AI processing to improve the meeting experience and provide extra security. Panacast 50 is claimed as the world’s first new normal ready intelligent video bar. Jabra collaborated with Intel to provide computer vision solution to  facilitate more engaging and productive meetings with high quality audio and innovative 180° video technology and a range of unique artificial intelligence driven features.


Jabra influenced Intel technology to deliver intelligent zoom, active speaker detection and other innovative performance. This technology powers the virtual director feature which automatically adjusts the frame according to what’s happening in the meeting. Three 13 megapixel camera create an immersive 180° field view in panoramic 4k that covers the whole room . Video stitching technology uses advanced algorithms to decide exactly the right way to video stitch the video streams together in real time with ultra-low latency.


Pana Cast 50 features eight beamforming microphones with precise voice detection, that remove the disruptive noise and four powerful speaker two 50mm woofers and two 20mm tweeters with zero vibration fill the room with premium HD audio, while latest 2 way technology delivers more natural conversation.


Jabra uses Intel powered AI to deliver real time people detection and counting that helps to promote the health and safety protocols. Beacause of 180 degree field view Pana Cast 50 can achieve 100% coverage of the meeting room and able to count everybody in the room. Additionally through the network interface longer term analytics, data is available for IT administrators enabling the business to make data driven decision about how they are utilising the meeting space.

Security and privacy are top concerns for corporate firm.The Intel Edge AI processing capabilities within the Pana Cast 50 help to keep the sensitive data securely by avoiding  the need to transmit the data to the cloud. This will not only reduce the risk of data leakage but also accuracy, speed and overall quality of the experiences are maximized. Easy installation with the choice of wall mount, table stand and screen mount.


Jabra Pana Cast 50 provides a Plug and Play solution to deliver the most appealing and harnessing video experience available in the market. Pana Cast 50 also deliver two video streams at the same time allowing the device to perform multiple functions at once. For instance while one video stream is busy focusing the participants the second can be used to focus the particular area of interest in the room. This enables the whiteboard sharing feature, which is built to the device itself. The content of the white board is captured and enhanced in realtime. This makes every participant to see the board content and contribute to the discussion.


The jabrapanacast 50 might have started life as a cluster room solution, but it is quickly emerging as one of the most attractive tools for any working environment. Pana Cast 50 shows Jabra is still on the top of the game when it comes to conferencing equipment. while it may be expensive but it is a major step from conference phone with same price and  will provide a great value for the money in long run. For plug and play simplicity intelligent video and experience that gives you crisp clarity in any settings. The auto framing and ease of use of this video bar is also appreciable. Looking forward to improvements in the white board application.This video bar is practically unbeatable.

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