MSI MPG QUIETUDE 100S Silent Mid Tower PC Gaming Chase


MSI publically introduced two of its new products at the MSI Tech Meets Aesthetic virtual expo-the MPG QUIETUDE 100S silent chassis and the MEG SILENT GALE P12 silent cooling fan. Both the products are designed by removing noise, to meet the needs of the professional that require a silent desktop PC to focus in the workspace.

It offers a combination of thermal performance, bold style and low noise which are the features that every PCs doesn’t compromise. MSI believes that the negative impact caused due to thermal performance for the gamers and professional should not be affected because of noise. The novelty helps Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, ATX and E-ATX motherboards, in addition to a video card as much as 380mm in size .

MSI MPG QUIETUDE 100S is the brands first silent desktop case with variety of noise dampening features and materials.It features MSI innovative MEG SILENT GALE P12 fan, which is able to provide the necessary airflow for system cooling while maintaining low noise level. The MEG SILENT GALE P12’s fan blades are constructed by liquid crystal polymer (LCP), a compound that reduces vibration while the fan is running at maximum speed and has a high strength that can withstand thermal expansion.

A high grade 120mm Silent Gale fan is placed at the hindermost part of the case to provide consistent airflow over the components fitted inside the case while still being relatively silent even at higher speeds. Sound Dampening Foam is shutting in the noise made from parts like internal fans, graphics cards, etc. and it makes gaming and computing experience to the next level.

While considering the system cooling, there won’t have any issues installing even the most robust CPU coolers or case fans out there. The Quietude 100S supports 360mm Liquid AIO radiators (both front and top) a triple 140mm front intake setup for the very best cooling performance for even the most power-hungry PC parts on the market.

The MPG QUIETUDE 100S front i/o port comes with the fan control function with three fan speed options (100%, 70%, 0%).This provides the user a controllable cooling feature and perfectly silent operation if required

Soundproof panels are provided on the top, front, and right side to shut out noise inside the case. It also features a convenient design such as a swing door type tempered glass panel, a magnet-fixed front panel, and a removable dust filter. A VGA supporter, and addressable RGB LED illumination compatible with Mystic Light

At times, when you’re running intense workloads, the Fan Speed Control button allows you to ramp up system fans for the best thermal performance, while other times, you can tone them down to remain dead-silent using the same button. No need to venture into a settings menu to get it done! When you pair this PC case with MSI motherboards along with components and peripherals. The model look of MPG Quietude 100S is highlighted with a ARGB projection in the front panel and ARGB light strips along it sides. This both features can be controlled through Insta light loop on the i/o port using a button.

The MPG QUIETUDE 100S also comes with a Graphics Card Support Bracket to prevent GPU sag. It will prop up even the heaviest, most powerful graphics cards with ease and ensure that no harm befalls them.

MSI’s MPG Quietude 100S silent gaming PC case is a cheap measurement at 475 x 231 x 490mm, when taking into consideration its max compatibility figures, that are as follows; CPU Cooler Period: 175mm, GPU Period: 380mm, PSU Period: as much as 220mm (with out 3.5-inch HDD tray).

MSI shows that its MPG QUIETUDE 100S chassis offers the same performance at a 45% fan RPM rate while offering lower noise output. If cooling performance is something you care about, worry not. The MPG QUIETUDE 100S is optimized to provide effective airflow and can mount up to 7 fans in total. Currently, there’s no word on pricing and availability but MSI has stated that the 100S will launch by the end of this month.

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