Sony interactive entertainment unveiled their next generation consoles .Play Station 5(PS5) is a home video game console revealed in 2019 as an after comer to PlayStation 4. PS5 is a part of ninth generation of video game consoles. The console was incorporated with two models: a Base model with an ultra HD Blu Ray compatible optical disc drive and Digital Edition lacks this drive allowing to serve as a lower cost model for those who prefer to buy games through digital download. These two variant were launched hand in hand.

 The major influence while for developing next generation PlayStation was how to overcome the shortcomings of PlayStation 4.The key issue was length of the loading times of the games. PlayStation 5 has overcome this issue by reducing the loading time particularly in the games that streams or dynamically load a new area as the gamer plays.

PlayStation 5 is powered by custom System On Chip by AMD and Sony.7nm AMD Zen 2 CPU with 8 core running at a variable frequency at 3.5GHz and the integrated GPU is based on AMDs RDNA 2 Graphic architecture. This custom integration of PS5 console allows the creator to access data from SSD(solid state drive) quickly. The power of a custom CPU, GPU and SSD with integrated I/O that alters rule the  what a PS console can do.

  • The GPU supports real time Ray Tracing, a technique that allows for realistic lighting and reflection,4k resolution display at upto 120 frames per second. This console has 16GB of GDDR6 SDRAM  with peak band width and integrates Bluetooth 5.1 and Wi-Fi 6
  • Boost system uses the Smart Shift Technology that adjust the frequency of CPU and GPU based on their current activities to balance the ideal constant power drawn.
  • The cooling system may include a double sided fan for air intake and a larger heat sink that dissipate energy to a liquid medium. System contain 350w power supply and it consume less energy than PlayStation 4
  • The console has a new audio technology called TEMPEST ENGINE a dedicated sound processing chip in the PS5 that drives 3D audio.
  • Storage for games is expandable through an NVM Express M.2 Port for SSD and USB hard drives however at launch it was not possible, later on system permitted the use to move the PS5 games to and from an external USB storage. The storage of this custom inbuilt SSD is 825GB
  • The base model has dimension of 390*260*104 mm and 4.9kg and the digital edition with 390*260*92mm with 3.9kg in weight. This large size console ensure higher cooling effect and reduce noise compared with the previous version.

Dual sense wireless controller is an adaptation of dual shock controller.It offers Haptic feedback that feel a physical responsive feedback to your ingame actions with dual actuators, these vibration provide a feeling of everything from environment. Adaptive triggers experience the varying level of force and tension, feel a physical connection to your onscreen action. A new built in microphone was added for the players to speak and controller speaker has been has USB C connectivity, high rated battery and an audio jack.

 The additional accessories include a charging station the dual sense, a new HD camera and a media remote control. The pulse 3D wireless headset is integrated with PS5 tempest 3D audio technology..PS5 is backward compatible for all PS4 controllers and accessories.

A significant modification from PS4 is the control center.It is divided into two section: upper portion displays the action based on the current game and the lower portion contain system setting, friends list, notification etc. This console is compatible with PlayStation VR. To setup your PSVR with PS5 a PlayStation camera is necessary.

 PS5 is a beast in its tech and size, the former is its strength and the latter is its weakness. The PlayStation 5 generally well received by the users and the dual wireless sensor had much appreciation .For those who are looking for a sensory experience that pushes them into a virtual world,PS5 accomplishes this with its combination of dual sense controller and 3D audio. Experiencing the full potential of PS5 may take time but even then this glance to futurity feels encouraging.



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