Xiaomi introduces REDMI BUDS 3 PRO with a slogan “The sound you want”. Xiaomi revealed Redmi Airdots Pro 3 under its brand Redmi in China back in May. Now they started to roll out the earbuds to global market as Redmi Buds 3 Pro. This true wireless stereo headset makes user  convenient and easy to move around without getting the cables tangled. Redmi Buds 3 Pro offers an immersive sound experience using hybrid ANC and transparency mode.

Redmi Buds 3 Pro have a compact design and are offered in two colour options. It is available in Glacier Grey and Graphite Black colours and also can be purchased via AliExpress. Redmi Buds 3 Pro comes with active noise cancelling (ANC), which can cancel up to 35dB of ambient noise.

The Redmi Buds 3 Pro are completely wireless in-ear headphones whose weight remains at 4.9 grams. This is a fairly low weight for headphones of this type. They are fixed to our ear through silicone rubber bands (several of different sizes come in the box), which will not only serve to prevent headphone shifting but also improve passive cancellation. Silicone ear tips are available in three sizes of ear tips including large, medium and small at user’s discretion, providing a more comfortable user experience.

9 mm composite vibrating diaphragm coil for main auto drivers, this tries to recover more sound in detail. It provide a clear and undistorted high pitched sound and pure low pitched sound with accurate sound quality. Thus it delivers an excellent hearing experience.

 Flagship hybrid active noise cancellation

Redmi Buds 3 Pro utilize the dual active noise cancellation technology with feedback and feed forward microphones. It can reduce the background noise upto 98% and it also supports a maximum noise cancellation of depth 35Db.It offers three type of cancellation depending on the environment such as deep noise cancellation, balanced noise cancellation and light noise cancellation.

Redmi Buds 3 Pro consist of three microphones a talk microphone, a feedback microphone and a feed forward microphone. Using this three microphone with ANC algorithm along the neural network model can generate clear conversation by reducing the ambient noises.

It introduces AI Scene judgment that is, the AI algorithm judges the environment based on the surrounding noise level and usage habits. And it tries to adjust the noise depending on the environment, Redmi cell phones are designed to accommodate the AI adaptive noise cancellation feature.


When transparency mode is turned on, you still can hear ambient sounds without having to take out the earbuds. Switch to enhance voice mode for clearer human voice. You can have a relaxed conversation with your friend with your earphones on. Default  is set in the Transparency Mode

 The earbuds operate for 6 hours using a single charge with noise cancellation. And up to 28 hours of long lasting battery life. With fast charging advantage you can charge for 10 minutes and enjoy unlimited songs for three hours, Qi wireless charging make it super easy.


The same set of earbuds can be connected to two devices crossing platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows simultaneously, allowing you to easily switch between entertainment and work. Pairs with Bluetooth through opening the earbud box near your phone or by quickly clicking the pop-up window which enables you to enjoy the new fast connection method.

 Control of the earbuds such as switching modes, music pause and playback etc. can be done within a tap. Also supports the wake-up voice control feature.It provide in-ear detection, that is  the music will be paused if the buds is taken out of the ear and will be played again if the buds is placed back.It offers IPX4 water resistance.


This Earbuds 3 Pro from Redmi is a good product. It provides value for money. It is very lightweight; each one weighs 4.9 grams only. Great fit, so you can use it while jogging or working out too. Noise reduction technology and battery life are pretty great. Bluetooth 5.0 is fast and connects easily. This product is a sure go.



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